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MarginNumbers 4.1 for Word
Create and administrate margin numbers in legal documents
MarginNumbers Price:
40,00 €
MarginNumbers - Test version (2000-2003)
Version for Word 2000 / 2002 (XP) / 2003
MarginNumbers - Test version (2007-2010 - 32 Bit)
Version for Word 2007 / 2010 / 2013 - only 32 Bit
MarginNumbers - Test version (2010 - 2013 - 64 Bit)
Version for Word 2010 / 2013 - only 64 Bit

In the appearing download dialog click Execute or Open extract the archiv and open word document Install.docm. Then click SETUP and follow advices.


The downloaded test version of MarginNumbers for Word includes all functions of the registered version. It expires after 15 days of usage. If you license the program, you will get a registration number. This number must be entered to work without any reservations.

To register and license your version of MarginNumbers for Word, please send a mail. Tell us how many licenses you need, your name, country, postal code and city. You will receive a mail with your order number, order data, account number and the invoice amount. Please transfer the invoice amount with the correct order number to our account. As soon as the invoice amount is paid and booked you will get your registration number by Email.



MarginNumbers for Word helps to position margin numbers correctly next to the text and integrates them automatically in the Table of Contents. Further a Table of Indexes can easily be related to margin numbers instead of page numbers. Thus a simplification and acceleration in the work with this special requirement are reached.

- Set a margin number for the selected paragraph according the presets. Optional text may be added.
- Preset formatting and position of margin numbers
- Define a restart of numbering for a heading level
- Create different tables of contents (optionally incl. margin numbers) and tables of margin numbers
- Correct the positions of all margin numbers with one click
- Create index entries and a table of indexes related to margin numbers instead of page numbers
- Create cross references to headings or margin numbers